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Course Syllabus








Course Description:


Seventh grade reading is based on Lawrence County Curriculum and Kentucky Core Academic Standards. The students will develop reading skills through both guided reading and self-selected reading opportunities. We will read a variety of literature styles, including: novels, short stories, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama. They will become more critical readers and better writers as they respond to what they read.


Instructional Delivery: 


A variety of instructional methods will be used to meet the needs of all students. Instructional strategies used will be: large group lecture, cooperative groups, pairs, teacher conferencing, guided practice, independent practice, technology, discussion, graphic organizers, activities, homework, projects, and other strategies as needed.




Evaluation methods include quizzes, observations, projects, class participation, Accelerated Reader (AR), classroom assessments and district common assessments. 


Course Requirements:


Students are required to bring pencil, paper, textbook, and any due assignments to class every day. Any makeup work must be summated according to the student handbook rules.


Student Evaluation:


Assessments used most of the time are teacher observations, homework/practice, tests, daily quizzes, participation, open responses, and Accelerated Reader (AR).

Student progress will be reported to parents through mid-term grade reports and nine weeks report cards.


                                    90-100                 A

                                    80-89                   B

                                    70-79                   C

                                    60-69                   D

                                    59 and below        F




Special Population Accommodations:


Accommodations will be applied according to each individual student plan.




Pacing Guide:


1. Cite Textual Evidence                                                                       1-4 weeks


2. Central Idea/Theme                                                                5-8 weeks

3. Plot/Key Individuals, Events, Ideas                                          9-12 weeks


4.Meanings of Words and Phrases                                               13-15 weeks


5. Organizational Patterns                                                           16-19 weeks


6. Purpose/Author’s Point of View                                               20-22 weeks


7. Compare and Contrast Texts/Different Media Formats                     23-27 weeks


8. Trace and Evaluate the Argument                                           28-30 weeks


9. Compare and Contrast Genres/Compare and Contrast Author’s Presentation                                                                                                       31-34 weeks


10. Read and Comprehend at Grade Level/K-PREP                      35-36 weeks